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Applicationhost config not updating

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They are now separate per project, and stored in (But with your IP, and port number, of course)If you’re running Windows 7, pretty much all incoming connections are locked down, so you need to specifically allow incoming connections to your application. Second, run these commands, replacing with whatever IP and port you are using: This adds a rule in the Windows Firewall, allowing incoming connections to port 58938 for computers on your local subnet.And there you go, you can now press Ctrl-F5 in Visual Studio, and browse you site from another computer!My goal in this post is to share that knowledge and build a single place that we can point people to when they need to use the Power Shell IIS modules.This post covers: ​The source for all of these examples lives in a Git Hub repository, and we run the examples automatically against test machines running each of the different Windows Server OS's, so I'm fairly confident that they work.2302 “SMS Distribution Manager failed to process package “”Random App”” (package ID = ABC00003).” Possible cause: …2342 “SMS Distribution Manager is starting to distribute package “”Random App”” to distribution point “”[“”Display=\SCCMServer\””]MSWNET:[“”SMS_SITE=ABC””]\SCCMServer\””.”2300 “SMS Distribution Manager is beginning to process package “”Random App”” (package ID = ABC00003).”30125 “User “”domain\user”” added new distribution points to a package named “”Random”” (ABC00003).” After digging around for a while I came to discover that the IIS services had failed to start.When I tried to start the IIS service, I got the lovely message that applicationhost.config is not well-formed XML.One of the demos in my Mix 11 talk "An Overview of the MS Web Stack of Love" was showing how IIS Express and Visual Studio SP1 (as well as Web Matrix) can make working with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) a heck of a lot easier.If you've used Cassini before (that's the little built in Visual Web Developer Server) you've likely noticed that I doesn't support SSL.

The folks on the Visual Studio team have been making it increasingly easier to move from version-to-version with less impact on our projects.However, as I pointed out in the video, that's only for high "strange" ports like 44300 , so my more complex example still has value if you want standard port numbers. Right click on the Project in Solution and select Use IIS Express. My project is called "Mvc Application18" so I can open up my Application Host.config and look for "Mvc Application18." You can too.If you have IIS Express and VS2010SP1, you can do this now and follow along. You can also set IIS Express as the default from the Tools | Options | Projects and Solutions | Web Projects. There's my site, right there, in IISExpress's application Host.config: Note the binding section. Go back to Visual Studio, click on your project and press F4 to bring up the properties dialog.I could of course deploy it to IIS and make it publicly available, but since I’m now using IIS Express for running my sites from Visual Studio instead of the built-in web server Cassini, it almost simple to let other computers on my network access the site.This post by Scott Hanselman almost describes how to do it, but since I had to make some adjustments I thought I might write a shorter post with just the steps you need for this.What we have is an expense report application, albeit a little on the light side for features. But the real pieces of an application sporting Onion Architecture are in place, and there’s quite a bit of commonly-used tech in this bad boy that you would likely find in any real-world app: Project here, this is the real deal.