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Israel’s Labor Party had planned elections for Monday but delayed them a day in anticipation of the concert hubbub.
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An autistic teen who won an essay contest has been denied his prize, apparently because of his autism.

Niko Boskovic of Portland, Oregon, won the North Portland's Peninsula Odd Fellows Lodge contest with his essay on the history of the Ukraine, according to Oregon Live.

His most violent outbursts see him threatening to kill his mother and teachers - but often end with the confused boy begging Ms Lewis to end his life.

The desperate mother claims she has begged Essex County Council to get him a place at a specialist boarding school for three years - but is still waiting.

The UN Pilgrimage for Youth's board said that chaperones weren't allowed on the tour and that the group was unprepared to take on the responsibility of caring for Niko during his trip, according to the outlet.'We were told they don't have the staff and knowledge to be accountable for someone with a disability,' Cloud said he was told.

ASAN was able to get you this book with the help of some other organizations.

The Navigating College Handbook was developed in collaboration with Autism NOW, and with funding from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities.

Niko, who lost his ability to speak and was diagnosed with autism at age three, was set to join 300 other winners for the annual United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth, which brings teens to historic areas of the US and Canada and teaches them about the United Nations.

But things took an unwelcome turn when Niko's mother, Loreta, emailed to tell Charles Cloud, the Odd Fellows jurisdictional chairman for Oregon, that she would be accompanying her son as he's autistic and nonverbal, and needs a letter board to communicate.