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He understood the ebb and flow of the creative life and the maddening lack of structure.

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Faster shipping methods may be available; just upgrade during checkout. I had actually not had the pleasure of ever seeing that M9 Titanium's holster until your question now. I've searched through our inventory and the only similar case I've found is another version of this from Leica for the Leica T camera.

Aside from that one, which is another camera specific case, the only way to get something similar to that currently is to have one custom made.

In fact, ever since my Nikon D600 took a suicidal, lens-first dive off a cliff and into a waterfall, my i Phone has become my only camera.

I’m always trying to eke out a little extra performance from my i Phone’s tiny camera sensor with new apps, tripods and lenses.

Let the good times flow with follow-cam highlights of Red Bull Heart Lines 2017.

It's a montage of mayhem as riders like Nyjah Huston, Alec Majerus, Kelvin Hoefler, and Ryan Sheckler lay down their best skateboarding lines in pursuit of the crown.

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The original twist lock on the opposite side of the red quick-release button has also been upgraded and clamps a portion of the Clip into the plate for extra security.Olloclip has become the biggest name in i Phone lenses thanks to its super-handy attachments, which add up to four different lenses to your Apple phone.Previous models simply snapped onto the corner of your i Phone, but for the i Phone 6 model, the company took a different approach, utilizing a new pendant design that works with front and back cameras for the first time ever.The good news is that there are now a host of i Phone lens accessories that you can attach or connect to your device, whether you're using an i Phone 7 / i Phone 7 Plus or an older model, enabling you to push your photographic skills even further, without losing the ability to easily upload and share your images.From affordable lens adaptors that convert the field of view of your i Phone's lens, to more advanced (and expensive) pieces of kit that not only have greatly improved lenses, but even their own built-in sensors to deliver better image quality, there's an option to suit any budget.It also comes with a special clip for affixing to other devices.