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Puis la musique s’accélère, ses vêtements sont éjec­tés par la bouche d’un tuyau, Barbarella, affolée, demande ce qui se passe.

She pressed, and I spilled: she seemed to like to nurture things. Much of what Lucia taught me came directly through her stories. “Oh, you’re going to be trouble.”I tried to look invisible. I had lived in 10 cities on three continents since dropping out of college to enlist in the infantry. I pictured her doting over it through a long, slow recovery. She ran an emotional home for wayward adult children, a sprawling brood of us, and she knew what each of us needed. Lucia’s greatest gift was not something she taught me. Nearly all Lucia taught me came individually, outside the classroom. She raised four boys as an alcoholic single mother, hiding the bottles in the washing machine, when she could afford one. Double scoliosis had punctured a lung years ago, so fresh trouble in the good one was life threatening. Instead of flowers, I brought a ficus from Home Depot. To the person I admired most in this world, I mattered back. Raw nuggets of harsh reality, laced with peculiar insights. A week later, Friday, November 12, 2004, her name popped up on caller I. So often, they mirrored my own foibles, in odd ways that cracked us both up.“You better get over your looks before you lose them,” she told me. You’ll never get over it.”Lucia had been a dazzling beauty, but I knew her as the kindly grandmother out of a children’s fable. Jane Fonda, si douée pour la volupté, que la machine, exténuée, finit par prendre feu et imploser.