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Dating someone in the secret service

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Despite not being able to tell him I was 30 minutes late, he was still there when I got to dinner that evening.Unwittingly, I found myself talking about Spooks; what must it be like to be a spy, how impossibly exciting yet incredibly difficult it must be not to be able to tell anyone about it.-- but technically, anyone can receive Secret Service protection. Some past examples include Ted Kennedy, who got a detail while he stumped for Walter Mondale in 1984 because of his family history, and Rajiv Gandhi, who got agents the same year when he visited New York, also due to his family history and direct threats.When agents accompanied the Kennedys to Palm Beach, they'd often wear khakis and polos to better blend in with the crowds.My BIL has worked for USSS for 20 years and is starting on guarding his 4th President.The short story is:they're just regular guys in the end.

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Then when President Obama came in, he was clearly as new to Secret Service protection as you could get. " I remember one time he told me he liked my suit and asked me for my tailor, and I thought that was kind of funny. My scariest moment was with Mr Obama in Afghanistan, an active war zone. That fence has been there since 1965 and no one has ever got into the White House.They further need to be versed in emergency medicine and "water survival skills," presumably due to the many seabound state dinners.Certain people get agents no matter what -- the president, the vice president, the rest of the First Family, former presidents, etc.One was a schmoozy a-hole with an insane wife, one was a thoughtful, polite gentleman with a sweetheart wife, one was a guy who liked to sneak and eat cheetos & drink a beer while watching ESPN and hide from his wife (who treated agents like they were gum on her shoe) and one, so far, is an early riser, always takes the time to say good morning and wants to know everyone's name, has endless energy and is actually a really friendly guy.Don't know about the wife yet as she's pretty quiet and not around much right now.For one thing, presidential protection is only part of their job description. Using books written by actual agents ( more than run laps to qualify.