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Training and Technical Assistance OPDV offers training and technical assistance to professionals who interface with domestic violence in many areas, including police, child welfare, mental health, the workplace, and health care.

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I could name reasons all day as to why this is, but I always believe that the best explanation is the simplest. Watson III who only met black people through Jack and Jill just ain’t gon cut it. He’ll pop a cap in a fools arse because it’s Thursday.

See, at their core, women want to feel safe, protected if you will. A woman wants to know…no, NEEDS to know, that her man is going to make certain the she is protected and not disrespected. I don’t care, he disrespected MY woman, and I makes no exceptions.

Once your skill, results and outcome independence reach high enough levels, competition becomes pretty much irrelevant.

(By the way, this applies to business and money as well as seduction.) Something to think about.

After laughing & joking a good while on the amount of dumbassness that took place, we turned to the slightly more serious subject of how females responded to us. Nope, fellas, I’m here to tell you that they never said that.

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