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Gender-based violence is a natural outgrowth of the stigma and discrimination experienced by commercial sex workers (CSWs) across the globe.

In light of this, the current study aimed to describe the prevalence and character of sexual violence, as well as any risk factors for violence, experienced by CSWs in Mekelle City, Northern Ethiopia.

Data were collected via a questionnaire instrument.

Descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed using SPSS 20 for Windows.

Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine is a glimmer of that truth, if even for only a moment during our dining experience, in our small suburban city in Colorado.

Nyala Ethiopian Cuisine took roots in Fort Collins in September of 2004 after chef and owner, Etage Asrat, completed her education and spent some time raising her daughters after moving to Fort Collins in 1991 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

CSWs with lower monthly income were also more likely to experience sexual violence; monthly income of 51.2–101.9 USD yielded AOR = 2.4 (95 % CI 1.12–5.37) and monthly income of 102.2–153.1 USD yielded AOR = 7.9 (95 % CI 2.46–25.58), compared to CSWs earning 153.2 USD or more.

The prevalence of sexual violence among CSWs is high.

The majority of blocked websites feature critical news and opposition viewpoints run by individuals and organizations based mostly in the diaspora.

As a result of these laws, both adopted in 2009, there are no health centers, charities, publications or even nightclubs that expressly serve Ethiopia's underground LGBT community - the few reputable organizations that once existed have been shuttered or forced to remove any mentions of human rights from their mandates. A 26-year-old Ethiopian who currently studies in Boston and goes by the name Happy on Facebook said that he grew up thinking it was a "Western thing" to be gay."Ethiopia is supposed to be clean and holy," he wrote in an email.

Given that a volunteer who, say, dares to hand out lubricant to gay men could face imprisonment and jeopardize his or her groups' larger-scale work, organizations have decided it's not worth the risk. State Department "delivers this message" is by copying and pasting the same two paragraphs year after year in its Ethiopian Human Rights Report, which briefly notes "some reports of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals" while acknowledging that "reporting was limited due to fear of retribution, discrimination, or stigmatization." Most Ethiopians insist that homosexuality is a Western disease, says Mercy, a 28-year-old LGBT activist who fled to Washington, D. "I felt like such a dirty person for having those feelings."Leaders of Ethiopian Muslims, heads of the Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic churches, government officials, members of the Ethiopian Parliament, leaders of political parties, and youth organizations routinely put their differences aside to attend conferences on the "gay problem" - one last year, entitled "Homosexuality and Its Associated Social Disastrous Consequences," was held in the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, is a vibrant urban city with numerous restaurants offering exotic dishes.

Many of Etage’s family members still live in Ethiopia, often helping with authentic ingredients so that she can make the most traditional meals much like the one’s she ate during her childhood.