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Java scripts for updating web pages

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This page describes where to get the Mozilla Foundation browsers: Sea Monkey or Firefox plug-ins and applications for processing multi-media and special file types. One must restart the browser before plug-ins will be active.

Tutorial Index: Mozilla: This was the first open source browser released from the Netscape group. The follow-on project which develops an integrated web browser, HTML editor, email client, address book and chatzilla client is Sea Monkey. Type the URL: about:config This will allow you to modify the advanced configuration options found in the various Mozilla configuration files.

Run(setupuninstal , 1, TRUE) End If Return = Wsh Shell. I already changed it to reference this but it's still not working. (I recently saw a 1.3 version.) I am pushing the current version with a GPO, but I would like to clean up the old ones. The drum I continually bang about scripting (and programming in general) is: assume NOTHING. Reg Read("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\" & CLSID & "\Uninstall String") str JREUninstall String = wsh Shell. Write Line "Overwritten Read Only=No To All" ts ISS. Write Line "Dlg0=" & CLSID & "-Sprintf Box-0" ts ISS. Write Line "Dlg1=" & CLSID & "-File Transfer" ts ISS. Having said that, I completely accept your point about checking the variable contains data, under normal circumstances.

Look earlier for the post related to wmic - best verstion I've been using till now I use something like this: @echo OFF cls TITLE Automated workaround by Cuciu : Kill IE&Java Processes echo *** This will kill Browsers and Java Processes *** Rem *** taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM jp2taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM taskkill /F /IM : Uninstalling Old JREVersions echo.************************************************************************ echo.************************************************************************ echo. All the Java versions from your computer are being removed. Run "Taskkill /F /IM /T", 0, True End Sub Daz - You rock. Your script looks ideal, but I don't know how to exclude the current version[1] of the JRE from being uninstalled. Reg Read("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\" & str JRE1 & "\Uninstall String") str JREDisplay Name = wsh Shell. 6: I also take the point about killing the process / checking it's dead. I think I found what you mean: a nice simple technique Sub Bug Assert (b Test, s Err Msg) - I like it. Write Line Now() & " - Java Runtime(s) uninstallation started..." ts. Close str Setupexe = Left(str Uninstall String, search4 9) str Uninst CMD = str Setupexe & str Un String & Chr(34) & str Temp ISS & "\" & CLSID & ".iss" & Chr(34) End If redim Preserve array JREDisplay Name(str Array Count) redim Preserve array JREUninstall String(str Array Count) array JREDisplay Name(str Array Count) = Now() & " - Found Old JRE: " & str Display Name & " - Version: " & str Display Version & ", Uninstalling..." array JREUninstall String(str Array Count) = str Uninst CMD str Array Count = str Array Count 1 End If Loop ts In.

Burried in the logic of the script is usually the explicit listing of a proxy server which can be entered under the Mozilla manual configuration.

If you are at a corporation using a firewall and have direct access, I'm jealous and you have no need for proxy configuration.

Some Random Number concepts: “Random numbers” means numbers which are random in practice (i.e. As simple this term looks when you hear it for the first time, it is more difficult to reproduce.

It is a bit different when we talk about single random numbers or random numbers in sequence.

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The preferences are stored in the file Proxy configuration: Many corporate networks rely on SOCKS proxy servers for access to the internet.

Try the proxy script: "Edit" "Preferences" and select "Advanced ( )" and "Proxies" "Automatic proxy configuration URL", enter the script location and select the "Reload" button. If your corporation uses a proxy directly, enter it under "Manual proxy configuration".

If using a script and it does not work, use the command ".

These use some mathematical formulae like Linear Congruential Formula (explained later) or some pre-calculated tables to produce the random numbers.

TRNG typically use some external physical phenomena to generate random numbers and hence are more random than PRNG’s.