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Java validating email address

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Again subdomain can be of multiple levels like One more important thing to note is that email addresses are case insensitive.

So we will use case insensitive flag to create the pattern object.

Among the permitted characters are some that present a security risk if passed directly from user input to an SQL statement, such as the single quote (‘) and the pipe character (|). : false [email protected]: false [email protected] : false [email protected] : false This last regex is my recommendation to validate emails in your project.

[email protected]%*– email’s tld is only allow character and digit 9. [email protected]– email’s last character can not end with dot “.” 11. [email protected] -email’s tld which has two characters can not contains digit Here’s a unit test using test NG.The source code is compiled and tested in my dev environment. If this type of address is undesired (and it usually is), then some extra validation will be needed.Using that is preferable to using any regex directly. There's no need to try to come up with your own regex, really, or to copy regex's that others have come up with.Just use Java Mail's built-in utility, and move on to more meaningful things.I recommend you the excellent web site to start learning regex But your regex does not seems good. here is the bad code : [.[a-z A-Z_0-9]*] You need to use instead of * in some part of your regex, etc.