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Since Emily's time on reality TV, feminism has experienced a surge in mainstream popularity with stars like Lena Dunham, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence and Rowan Blanchard driving the conversation.

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So, there I was at this year’s Emerging Cinematographer’s Awards after party (if there is a party, I am usually there), held at the Directors Guild, waiting in line for yet another drink, when my dear friend of many years Jamie Hitchcock says; “I read your opening paragraph in matth News”.Now that’s scary – just the thought that someone really looks at my B. Last month I questioned if anyone actually reads my blog and to hear that it is, in fact, read by someone is frightening stuff. expand his creativity with our Float Cam DC-Slider – check him out in our “Spotlight” section below – he’s going to be a name to reckon with in the near future!

Located on George Street in a beautiful building (pictured above) that is now the School of Social work, the School flourished and developed an international reputation.Production is BOOMING in NY thanks to City and State governments recognizing the value of NY-based production.We wish LA and California would look East to see what’s going on in NYC – and do the same here at home in Hollywood. The answer is simple – That’s where the production is!Magic Set Editor, or MSE for short, is a program with which you can design your own cards for popular trading card games.MSE can then generate images of those cards that you can print or upload to the internet.The School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) has a research portfolio that focuses on all classes and forms of materials, including metals, ceramics, polymers, fibers, textiles, composites, nanostructures, and bio-enabled/biomimetic materials.