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That's what happens when busty Dulcinea comes over to clean your place. SCORELAND: What do you remember best about this scene?

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Heather came to the Q&A, and she and I stood off to the side as her boyfriend, the director, was mobbed by the crowd.But one woman decided to come over to talk to the actress. " Heather, who could not have been sweeter or more pleasant, replied, "Hi." The woman stood there, staring at her for an uncomfortable 3-4 seconds, then said, "My name's Heather, too!

Almost without exception, everyone who decides to approach a star comes up and starts talking about themselves -- where they're from, what they do, how much their life might be like that of some character in the movie we just watched (or one from 20 years ago).

Only rarely have I seen a fan ask the star anything about the star's life, or even about their work, and if they do, it is often just a pretext to then start talking about what the fan really wants to talk about -- themselves.

My favorite example of this was when I moderated a Q&A with a writer-director who was dating the actress Heather Graham at the time.

At the time, her family lived in Cambodia and Thailand. Her mother, Emily Roth, was an environmental scientist.

She lived in Lawrence from kindergarten through her junior year of high school.