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Excel elects to wait and perform the updates when you are finished with the changes and give the “all clear” signal.

Most users do not work in this world; we may only have at most one, two, or five pivot tables in a file.

The data in the pivot table source may change, and items that were previously in the source are no longer included.

For example, a company resturctured, and went down from 3 regions -- East, Central and West -- to only 2 regions -- East and West.

Suppose you are working in a file with dozens or even hundreds of pivot tables (yes; there are people out there who work on such things).

If every time you changed a piece of data all of the pivot tables updated, it could bring the system to a standstill with all of the updates.

Most user’s see this as a glaring lack of functionality.

There is, however a very good reason why pivot tables do not automatically update.

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However, there is one tiny bit of functionality that appears to be missing: the ability of pivot tables to automatically update when information in the source data changes.Even after you refresh the pivot table, the name of the old region might continue to appear in the drop down lists, along with the new names.In the list below, the Central region still appears in the list.This pivot table tutorial shows how you can clear the old items either manually or programmatically.NOTE: There is also a Clear Old Items feature in my Pivot Power Premium add-in, along with many other time-saving pivot table tools.It would be nice if a pivot table automatically updated, whenever its source data changes, but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.