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Nolan's inspiration for the film was the Joker's comic book debut in 1940, the 1988 graphic novel The Killing Joke, and the 1996 series The Long Halloween, which retold Two-Face's origin.

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A sequel called was infamously in Development Hell for years, with only some level designs appearing to the public.

The status of this game has been unknown for years, although it seems that Tom doesn't like answering questions about it.

default - The default value that the statistic c max - The maximum value the stat can take on. This system is responsible for calling Ren'Py code that implements each of the events.

The event dispatcher chooses a list of events that should be run during a given period, and then is responsible for calling each of those events in turn until either all events are exhausted, or one of the events indicates that the period should come to an end. The name of the event is the name of the label that is called to execute that event. Simply executing a 'return' statement will end the event, and activate any later event in the same period.

The variables are registered using the register_stat function.

The plot and idea behind it was interesting, but they kept dragging on and on the plot, and it got to the point I couldn't watch it anymore. Niccceeeeee work Seo ye jin voice is just fine to me,it sounds different and unique,makes her sound like a mature mind not a Whinning baby,and she's so cute,shes not a musician remember so she's not compulsorily required to have the random average peeps voice... Haters and loserd always looks for fault in others.. I've been going through a lot with my friends and this drama actually showed me the real value of friendship.The DSE is a framework for writing games based on events that are triggered by statistics.It comprises a number of independent modules that can be combined to create games. The statistics framework represents statistics as variables that store the value of the statistics.The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories. ☺️ -VIXX Hongbin --- Chi Ang - UKISS alexander --- Yub jong - SHINHWA Dong wan --Tae Ho -- taekwando master i'm currently watching this drama and i find the male main lead virtually unappealing. the second lead is more attractive but i'm gonna watch it because the girl main lead's acting in hwarang is impressive. In kissasian it is listed in the most popular dramas but why not here?This drama is awesome, I watched it because I heard the amazing ost sung by VIXX "Alive". Friendship is a key aspect in this drama and I really like it because its not he typical romance. :( I just finished it today and i regret not watching it earlier!!!The display_stats function displays the statistics on the screen.