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To explore the relationship between hormones and communication decisions, she looked at what people talked about during PCTI as well as ‘one important variable [that] was likely influencing this whole process – orgasm.’ Both men and women experience a post-climax oxytocin surge but testosterone is believed to dampen the effects so that men typically fell less warm and fuzzy after sex.

A polarised view of crystals of Oxytocin is pictured Professor Denes believes that oxytocin is the reason why, as women who climax have more of the hormone in their systems, which increases feelings of trust and connection, than women who did not, influencing individuals’ decisions to talk about their feelings to their partners.‘A woman could be pregnant.

In future, TIA will compile the list on an annual basis.

With the proliferation of international “best books of 2014” lists, This is Africa’s local list, selected by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, Kagure Mugo and Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire, is a welcome addition.

She loved to relate the story of how, at 10 years old, she won the top award in a student science fair for her collection of preserved fox and raccoon furs, carefully salvaged from road-kill specimens which she skinned and tanned with instruction from her father.

The judges announced the prize winner as Brian Burns, obviously expecting a boy scout type to be responsible for the project.

Helena S Paige, the pen name of Helen Moffett, Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick, is on the list for her series of choose-your-own-erotic-adventure novels – A Girl Walks into a Bar, A Girl Walks into a Wedding and A Girl Walks into a Blind Date.NPC Salt City Showdown created a unique experience with professional AV production, organization, and impressive swag for the competitors. Athletes got the opportunity to showcase their hard-earned physiques on a professional stage at the best venue in the state of Utah, the Salt Palace. What effects would these post-coital disclosures have on relationship satisfaction?’ Professor Denes wrote in an article for the university."Information in this blog and blog articles consist of materials from 3rd party sources.